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Akagera Game Lodge is an ideal place to enjoy wildlife in Akagera national Park and have a comfortable cool stay. Along the southern end of Akagera National Park highlighted above a plateau with angelic views of lake Ihema and some parts of lake Shakani is the gorgeous facility offering an up-Market accommodation to travelers to the conservation area, the only reserve to find the so called big five of the wilderness, they were named so by African hunters who mostly sough of them as strong and most fit in the wilderness (Lions, leopards, Rhinos, African elephants, African buffaloes) in the year 1994 the national park was close to the verge disappearance due to the continuing tribal wars in the Rwanda that led to the Killing of thousands of people, thanks to the Rwandan government this has been restored and a steady progress in the development of the park inclusive of the tourism activities.

Akagera Game Lodge

The park lies in the north eastern province of Rwanda along the country’s boarder with Tanzania, founded to protect animals and vegetation that lied with in the area it was named after the Akagera River that flows along its eastern boundary, the parks ecosystem is dominated by swamps, small lakes and rivers. It is the only big five reserve in Rwanda The main lodge is composed of a lounge area, reception dotted with African carvings and pieces of art, a restaurant serving both local and international cuisines on a one sided deck area where meals are served, a well-stocked bar with a variety of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, a pool deck with crystal waters overlooking lake Ihema one of Rwanda’s second largest lakes fed by river Akagera, a large conference room that can host up to 60 people.

Akagera Game Lodge is comprised of  comprised of 60 rooms some of which a single, double or twin rooms, they have en-suite bathrooms, satellite TV, beautiful African crafts, a balcony with couple chairs facing the savannah or the lake rooms are interconnected convenient enough to stay. The lodge is a perfect home base for exploring the conservation area best relaxation and conferencing, it is easily accessible approximately 5km from the southern gate of the park its actually possible to see zebra and waterbuck while at the lodge and about 3 hours’ drive from Kigali. The lodge has experienced and very friendly staff who go an extra mile to ensure guest satisfaction. The best activities to participate in while at the lodge are game drives, the park is well known for its big game in Rwanda, the beauty of the park can be seen anywhere and so exciting as you drive around the park surprise waits as nature reveals its self in form of wonders from the woodlands to the savannah, lakes and the papyrus is blessed with a lot of flora and fauna, you will be in position to spot the masai giraffes, oribi, elephants, crocodiles, sitatunga, lions, zebras, waterbucks, elands, impalas, hippos, buffaloes among other animal species. Akagera has hundreds of bird species best spotted on short boat cruises which giving a great opportunity to get close to the water birds on a lucky day you might see the famous rare shoebill stork, popular birds include marabu stock, pelicans, egrets, crowned cranes, African fish eagles.

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