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Kigali City Tour.

Kigali City Tour.

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, a town that always seems to be in a safe is considered one of the cleanest city’s in Africa beautifully back dropped with the mountainous land scape, the town is also known as the land of a thousand hills and this can be witnessed as soon as you land into the is a place of great historical importance, comprised of points where there is the great history of happenings in the country right from the Rwanda museums, genocide memorial site to the local markets. It is an interesting place of stay with friendly locals and accommodation facilities to stay. Below are some of the few places to visit while on a Kigali city tour.

The Rwanda memorial genocide grounds, this is one of the many sites built in remembrance of the many people who lost their lives during the Rwanda genocide, the tribal wars led to the death of many Rwandan residents in 1994, the genocide is found in Gisozi, exhibiting there sites one provided general information of the happenings and the other has a place of the loss of innocent young children’s lives. The bodies of those that lost their lives have been preserved with lime or soda ash to keep them for generations. Visitors will have a chance to learn about what happened before during and after the war through documentaries. The stories can be very touching but important to educate the world of these acts, following the visit of the site, guides normally take you to the local restaurants to enjoy the traditional Rwandan cuisine.

Visit mount Kigali, this is not really a mountain but the highest hill in Kigali city, it will give you panoramic views of the city center, along the hike is a good time to view the beautiful country side, enjoy the cool breeze of the mountain, above it is restaurant serving drinks and meals or coffee and a company that organizes horse back riding Safaris for interested travelers. The natural set up of the hill has been replaced with the human settlements but rewarding by the end of the day, the city lies right below the mountain adjacent to another hill, the mountain is located in the south western part of the city, near to the Kigali international airport, the mountain is known to be a spiritual ground to the locals, they tend to go here to seek their ancestors.

The National history Museum, which was formerly known as the Kandt house it is located in Kigali city, on Nyarugene hill, it was the former place of the Rwandan resident German scientist, his home was formed into a national museum to celebrate his life and in remembrance of him, the museum is a place of great history and a must visit of Your Kigali city tour. Visit the presidential museum, this was a former place for the Rwandan state house, this museum is connected to the Rwanda genocide in so many ways, a larger history part of the museum is based around the life of Rwanda’s former president Harbyarimana, it was the shooting of his jet that triggered the war in 1994 which led to the death of many Rwandan citizens. Visit the Kimironko local market, this place will show case the local traditional residents go to shop items for use , spices, fresh vegetables, food stuffs, it is one of those place that sells so many spices that aid in the preparation of local foods.

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