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Bisate Lodge in Rwanda is adjacent to the volcanoes national park, the conservation area is a known place for the mountain gorilla a sub species of the eastern gorilla, the villas of the lodge have been built to mimic the old Rwandan traditional style of building houses in the royalty line, the lodge is angelically placed at the edge of the conservation areas, and this is one of the most distinguished destination areas in east Africa, the lodge was opened in 2017, and since then it has been ranked with 34 beautiful lodge awards the facility transpires six luxury villas, embodied in rich Rwanda culture style.

Bisate Lodge

Bisate is a true definition of beauty in the wild, the traditional room setup is just as amazing, the sumptuous interiors maximize comfort and warmth, each of the villas consists of a generous intimate experience of the big bedrooms fitted with an en- suite bathroom supplying cold and warm water, the well centered fore place will make you feel the great visit, the traditional rooms are exotic with a touch of modern guest seating areas, each of the luxury Bisate villa is almost 1000 sq. ft. in size, amenities of the lodge include the organic bath amenities, Private massage rooms, lounge are, specious dressing lounge and luggage space, the lounge area has a guest library that keeps guests entertained and informed. Some of the reasons you should visit Bisate Lodge include a personalized meet and assist upon arrival, best luxury safari accommodation, full American breakfast, wines that are well stocked at the lodge’s cellars.

Activities while at the lodge include the gorilla trekking activity, this takes place at the Karisoke research center beginning early morning, gorilla trekking can be done all day or for 3 hours depending on how far the gorilla families have moved, for one to enjoy the activity he or she needs to be prepared by buying gorilla permits in time to avoid missing out, the Rwandan permit goes for $1500 per gorilla permit. Golden monkey tracking, you will view this beautifully collared monkeys, they love to live around the bamboo forest area feeding on plants fruits and bamboo shoots, they are pretty fast primates so if you may need to take pictures it is important to get your cameras ready.

Bisate guided nature walks, a full day nature walk along mountain Bisoke, can be amazing, you will enjoy the sweep views of the mountain, this is one of the great series of the virunga volcanic region you will be in position to explore the bio diverse environment, Hiking the Dian fossey it is the place where you can find the research center for American Primatologists whose works on primates were evident, she was buried within the ecosystem and visits to her tombs are prominent, Nursery visit and planting a tree, one of the lodge agronomist will show you around their visionary reforestation project, including visiting the bamboo green house, meet the community and people living around the volcanoes national park.

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