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The lodge is a luxury facility run by Uganda Exclusive Camps, it’s a sister lodge together with the Ishasha wilderness camp, Buhoma sector is part of the four sectors of Bwindi impenetrable national park, it is the most popular and almost every travelers might want to enjoy the trekking experience in the Buhoma sector Mubare was the first gorilla family to be habituated in the 1992 and the first place to be visited by the first tourists doing gorilla trekking in Uganda, Mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park live freely within the ecosystem, without being captivated. They live in families of up to 20 members led by a male silverback.

Buhoma Lodge

Buhoma lodge is a special place in the park area and lodges Uganda amending beautiful views of the impenetrable forest, it’s one of the two lodges situated within the park,5 minutes away from the area to track gorillas in the park, offering the best jungle experience to visitors that come to the facility for their gorilla experiences, its composed of an elevated central lounge area complete with a bar, dinning and spa facilities together with a comfortable environment for discussing day activities, fire places for warmth in the cold nights.

The major activity in Bwindi impenetrable national park is gorilla tracking and Buhoma lodge will give you comfortable, luxurious cozy accommodation making a perfect stay as u visit the mountain gorillas in Uganda, the lodge has 8 large comfortable cottages some of the material used to build these cottages was out sourced from the local communities the Bakonjo and Bakiga, each lodge having outdoor furniture where a guest can spend some time sipping a glass of juice or wine while listening to the forest and feeling the cool breeze from beneath and above the trees, the cottages have comfortable king size beds with an en-suite bathroom and flash toilet together with all amenities one would need to clean up and fresh.

The restaurant offers a four course meal prepared by excellent kitchen staff with some ingredients directly sourced from the local community, guests are offered a complimentary massage as per stay, each cottage has a private phone for guest communications in case they needed some assistance while in their rooms, they have a well maintained solar system that maintains lighting for the cottages and the central area available for charging cameras and phones in case they have low power.

The staff are locally recruited well trained to offer the best services for the clients and as a way of giving back to society, they are very welcoming with excellent services that go an extra mile, service with a smile.

The lodge presents a chance to view do activities like birding in Bwindi impenetrable national park, Buhoma community walk, among others the park is accessible all year round but best during the dry seasons of June- September and December to February, it is advisable to carry warm clothes, stocks and boots for gorilla tracking.

The lodge is 8 hours’ drive from Kampala, chatter flights can be organized from Entebbe or Kajansi Kampala to Bwindi airstrip.

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