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Emeraude Kivu Resort is a luxurious facility in the town of Kamembe facing the quiet beautiful Lake Kivu, it’s an excellent location for travelers that come to visit Nyungwe Forest National Park, interested in chimpanzee tracking in cyamudongo forest and tour Rwanda as a whole. Cyamudongo is a small patch of forest that as recently added to the Nyungwe Forest National Park, its famous for chimpanzee tracking and there are currently 43 habituated chimpanzee families, the park hosts the last remaining patches of montane forest having the highest biodiversity of animal and bird species some of which are endemic to the region.

Emeraude Kivu Resort

Emeraude Kivu Resort was built to fit in its natural environment, an eco-friendly lodge that depicts its name emeraude a French word gotten from the English name emerald bright green environment, warm cozy place with excellent services and staff that go an extra mile to ensure guest satisfaction. The resort has a small prier offering a range of boat trips out to small islands inhabited by people meet with local fisher men who can be heard singing even while at the resort.

The main lodge comprises of a lounge area, reception, bar and a restaurant with an outdoor area serving a fusion of interesting dishes it’s an amalgamation of international cuisines with a Rwandan touch some of the spices are gotten from the farm on site used to prepare the dishes.

Emeraude Kivu Resort is composed of 8 luxurious rooms and 2 suites each with great views of Lake Kivu to the south, and the beautiful green islands scattered all over kivu, each cottage has a private balcony facing west for daily sundowners, en-suite bathrooms, double or king size beds, single and triple ones fitted with comfort to the clients.

The lake side is the most amazing one of the great lakes in the rift valley sharing boarders with democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda, it is Rwanda’s largest lake exhibiting beautiful emerald green vegetation surrounded by mountains activities such as fishing, boat rides take place in this area, Nyungwe Forest National Park approximately 50 kilometers from the lake it has a number of things to do right from the canopy walk a 200m trail suspended in huge giant trees home to 13 primate species which include the blue monkeys, l’hoest monkey, black and white colobus monkey, Angola colobus monkey, dents monkey among other primates its  home to over 300 species of birds 17 of which are endemic to the Nyungwe forest.

The forest is a big catchment water area for Rwanda supplying up to 70% of the water for the country, hosting 75 species of mammals including the duikers, civets, golden cats, bush bucks, clawless otter, side-stripped jackal, leopards still exist but rarely seen. The cyamudongo forest popularly known for chimpanzee tracking it’s an isolated part of the forest, the vegetation is a little denser than the one of the park, covering an area of 4km square sheltering a few rarer species that are not found in Nyungwe.

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