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Mgahinga National Park stands as one of the smallest parks in Uganda, it is an extension of the great Virunga volcanic region, in order to enjoy the park one needs a place to stay because it is really so far away from the city center, one of which is Gahinga Gorilla Lodge. A luxury facility  settled at the edge of the mountain. The only place to stay while tracking mountain gorillas (Nyakagezi gorilla family), this is home to a mobile gorilla family.

Gahinga Gorilla Lodge

Mgahinga National Park is covered in a series of distinctive altitudinal layers of vegetation from grass and bush to montane woodland, bamboo, montane forest to ericaceous zone which contains giant tree heathers. The most common here is the mountain gorilla and the golden monkey less rare but also a resident in the park, large mammals are present too but rarely seen thy are very shy. The park is known place of the great three peaks of the Gahinga, Sabinyo and Muhabura.

Gahinga lodge is the best place to stay while tracking mountain gorillas in the south western corner of Uganda, built in traditional designs and building techniques, it is one of the lodges amazing places located right outside the park, meaning you can carry out activities by conveniently taking a walk to the start point, the scenic views of the lodge are worth staying.

The lodge was constructed using local material like stone, the main lodge boosts WIFI access, a new sunroom (lounge), bar, dining area, the old lounge and a library behind the main lodge is composed of open fire logs with a similar taste of furnishings like the rest of the lodge. The 9 beautiful chalets offer the most angelic accommodation in the park.

While at the lodge one can participate in gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, guided nature walks, mountain climbing, and bird watching. However, the mountain gorilla activity is not guaranteed at 100% because of the continuing mountains the primates have had a history of shifting from one park to another they have no boundaries and have had days they shift to another country. The batwa cultural experience is, the heritage site consists of herbal gardens, traditional and small trails to demonstrate how the used to live, tell you about the forest, hoe they used to hunt to collect resources specially medicine. They were the original dwellers of the forest and will make you look through the forest through their eyes. They perform traditional dances performances are done weekly to integrate Batwa and the local communities, these were evicted from the forest a way of conserving it.

On a visit to the forest, it is advisable to wear long sleeved shirts and trousers, insect repellents, boots, waterproof covers for phones and cameras, raingears. The park is accessible all year round but best in the dry months of late June to September and December to February. The lodge is located near Mghahinga national park, approximately 540 square kilometers from Kampala chatter flights can be organized to Kisoro airstrip from Entebbe.

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