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Kyaninga Lodge is a heart of gym in the African wilderness, placed overlooking the one offew remaining tropical rain forests in Africa with the largest forest cover in Kabarole district, the diversity and density of primates is highest in the forest with 13 species, Kyaninga lodge is one of the most luxurious accommodation built from timber and thatch overlooking lake Kyaninga one of the deepest crater lakes in Uganda noted to be one of the  safe lakes for swimming, the lodge keeps measuring the temperature of the water such that its comfortable to use, its spectacular is unexplored and beautiful environment that is ever green.

Kyaninga Lodge

The lodge is Placed on the edge of the ancient volcanic crater lake with magnificent views of the large spotty Ndali crater Lake region in a distance offering the best luxury experiences in one of Uganda’s finest destinations kibale, the facility is built from hand carved eucalyptus the main lodge is beautifully well situated with the ability to see environment and have great views of the Kyaninga lake, the eight amazing thatched cabins contain private terraces, soft bed linen, and pillows, the en-suite bathrooms boast marble counter top basins set atop  elgon olive pedestals and marble featuring a swimming pool, spa and wellness, grass tennis court.

The lodge cottages are set apart and raised on platforms, the nine beautiful thatched cottages offer you privacy and peacefulness each cottage comes with a choice of single, double or twin occupancy, in door sitting areas that lead to the private deck, rooms always have hot water and electrical charging points. The main lodge offers the best 3 course cuisine menu based on classical European meals and local ingredients gotten form Kyaninga kitchen garden and the nearby markets.

Kyaninga lodge gardens are very angelic together with the magnificent beauty of the crater lake Kyaninga, steeping out from your cottage is right where your adventure starts the gardens are creation of the London-based landscape providing an excellent setting for relaxation, reflection and space for games.

While at the lodge, one can explore the Kibale Forest National Park one of our finest destinations home to different 13 primate species and is commonly known for chimpanzee tracking deep within the green forest cover, chimpanzee is the closet relative to mankind, the share 98% of the human DNA, they are social, communicable and intelligent species others like the black and white colobus monkey, grey checked mangabey, red-tailed monkey could be spotted. During this activity, worry not Kyaninga is the best place to stay while doing your primate safaris with an ultimate luxurious comfort.

There are more activities that one does while at the lodge for example swimming in the lodge pool, swimming in the crater lake, guided nature walks lawn tennis, badminton, crater rim walks, bird watching, forest walks.

The lodge is located approximately 6hours drive from Kampala Uganda’s capital city, it’s a 20 minutes’ drive from fort portal town passing north of Mpanga bridge, about 2km outside the town, follow the road for 1.8km to find the sign post of the lodge and straight 6km drive to the gate.

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