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Murchison River Lodge is situated in the southern bank of the national park, the lodge is the best setup of the place offering a midrange accommodation to travelers and meals, Murchison was the first national park to be gazette in Uganda, it was initially called the Kabalega national park, bisected into two by the Victoria Nile, the lodge is placed directly adjacent to the park on the south, experiencing the wilderness while at the lodge is an extreme of beauty, straight from the bar area, and restaurant there are panoramic views of the park and the Nile, the downstream flows under the papyrus witnessing the pods of hippos.

Murchison River Lodge

The concept of Murchison River lodge is a perfect blend of the environment, offering comfort and peace while in the wilderness, this is one of the most sought of accommodation in the national park, with attentive staff, swimming pool, lounge area, bar and restaurant area serving mouth-watering meals to clients. The beauty of the lodge is that it gives incentives and children friendly facility, the sustainable lodge is friendly to the community in which it was built, through the Uganda wildlife authority they offer training services to women’s groups, and student training services.

The lodge rooms are divided in beautiful thatched safari cottages, with two single beds or a double bed, the cottages are perfect for families having an ability to host 4 adults, the thatched safari tents are nestled amongst the trees and bushes around the lodge grounds, river tents are shared placed around the river side, the beautiful setting owns a private porch area overlooking the Nile, they have camping tents which are just as lovely on an organized stay at the lodge. Each of the thatched cottages and thatched tents is fitted with an en-suite bathroom supplying both cold and warm water, cool clean beddings.

While at the lodge, it presents an opportunity to view birds in the national park, there is so much varied list of birds in the park and in the forest areas of Murchison falls national park. It is a known place to find the endemic prehistoric shoe bill stock, the bird list of the park is over 400 species, closer to the water birds like swallow tailed bee- eater, red throated bee-eater, woodland kingfisher, francolins, grey heron, hornbills and at the water’s edge ducks, geese, stilts and plover, chimpanzee trekking in the Kanio pabidi forest, and within the Budongo eco forest lodge, there are currently 6 troops of chimpanzee that have been habituated fie a visit other primates to be seen include the black and white colobus monkey, however it should be noted that the chimpanzee at this destination have lower chances of meting them than those of Kibale Forest National Park. Boat trips along the Murchison falls national park to the bottom of the falls or the Lake albert delta the trip normally lasts for 2 or 3 hours while enjoying the cold breeze and the lingering hippos along the Nile.

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