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Rusizi Tented Lodge is a luxury tented camp overlooking Lake Ihema in Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s only savannah conservation area. The national park is central Africa’s largest protected wetland area the national park over 28 years ago was at the verge of being lost forever due to the 1994 Rwanda genocide, refugees took up most of the land for settlement and hiding away from the scenes of the war, however thanks to the Rwandan government and its continuous support, there is a great improvement in the conservation of Akagera National Park, the many dotted lakes are watered by the river Kagera after which it was named. Lake Ihema is the largest lake of Rwanda placed within the park, it is home to many aquatic life and water birds.

Rusizi Tented Lodge

The Lodge consists of 9 tents set along the shores of Lake Ihema, hidden among the beautiful fig trees and the papyrus swamps, the lodge is an interconnecting area where the main thatch lodge connects to each of the luxurious villas, with wooden walkways leading to thedeck, containing a fire place which is a cool place to have a cup of tea or coffee while enjoying the breeze of the lake, Rusizi tented camp takes a maximum of 20 guests on full occupancy, each of the tents boasting an en-suite bathroom, running both hot and cold water, a dressing area, queen beds, each of these enjoys a veranda and cool camping chairs thick blankets. Its architectural design perfectly blends within the environment, this facility prides its self with solar system which is providing power to the lodge and other supplies lodge rates are determined by either the low season of high season. The tents are comfortable enough for travelers who visit the lodge.

Rusizi tented camp was opened in the 2012, it is a simply environment friendly lodge inside the park, in a great position to explore most of what the park has got to offer, there is a variety of tree species growing around the lodge area, and an angelic vegetation this is a perfect harmonious blend and mix of the facility with the environment in which it was the main area, the restaurant leads to the main bar area, leading to the restaurant, an ideal place to see or definitely hear them.

The activities at Rusizi tented camp are definitely those in Akagera National Park, guided nature walks in the conservation area will bring you closer to wildlife through the game tracks, these are conducted by an experience guide from the park authorities, it is possible to spit plain game like zebras, hippos, giraffes, leopard, Rhinos, game drives in Akagera national park which spark off in the early mornings, these are done in order to meet with wilderness species, The park is an important birding area hence one other place to see birds is in the park in Rwanda and not anywhere else. Boat cruise along Lake Ihema takes 2-3 hours while enjoying on the country’s largest lake.

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