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Cultural Experience In Uganda

Cultural Experience in Uganda.

Uganda is a beautiful country with the loveliest of people in east Africa, many times they have been ranked the most hospitable people on the African continent, it is an amalgamation of cultures in the country, there several ethnic groups…

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Bird Watching In Uganda

Bird Watching in Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful landlocked country in east Africa, it is commonly termed as the pearl of Africa because of its composition, and the country is a hot spot of birds attracting many birding travelers, it hosts both endemic and…

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The East African Visa

The East African Visa

The East African visa permits traveling through east African countries Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda which was launched in 2013 and is available to tourist, expats and nationals of the three countries, the visa costs 100 USD valid for 90 days…

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Top Tourist Attractions In Jinja

Top Tourist Attractions in Jinja

Jinja an industrial town located east of Kampala on the northern end of Lake Victoria, it lies along the banks of river Nile longest in river in the whole world, it is a very interesting town with loads of adventurous…

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